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How can I tell whether I need my Air Ducts to be cleaned?

If there is substantial visible mold growth inside your Ducts.
If you have insulated Air Ducts and the insulation gets wet or moldy.
If someone in your household suffers from Allergies, unexplained symptoms or Breathing Illnesses.
If you are having trouble with Furnace Airflow.
If you look in the return air registers and see an accumulation of Debris in the Duct below.
if you simply want to reduce your house or business energy costs.

If any of the conditions identified above exists, it must be corrected or else the problem will likely recur & cause your family or employees health damage.

Getting down to business:

Samples from the Air Duct surface areas & Air samples from inside & outside the Air Duct system will be taken by our team of experts.
All Vent Covers & Registers will be Removed, Cleaned and Sanitized.
Vacuum Hose with a Static Brush & Air Handler Unit will be inserted to the entire length of the Ducts, until they are perfectly clean.
Vent Covers will be replaced to apply a hypoallergenic sanitizer into the Duct System.
Ducts & Blower Compartment are manually cleaned to ensure the highest level of source removal.
Then, Circular openings are sealed, and your Duct System is like new!

After we have completed our service, your home, business or school will notice a substantial difference in Indoor Air Quality. You will also notice that you are dusting less often and your system should operate more efficiently.