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Cooling towers can be a breeding ground for bacteria and diseases. 911 Air Duct Cleaning is dedicated to providing professional cooling tower cleaning for homes, hotels, cruise ships, and more. It’s important to do some cooling tower cleaning because it can help prevent the growth of Legionella, which is a bacteria that can cause Legionellosis or Legion Fever. This feverish type of disease makes a person experience very high fever coupled with pneumonia. If you want a better workplace or home for your loved ones, cooling tower cleaning should be conducted on a regular basis.

There are many different processes that are involved with cooling tower cleaning. Among them is disinfection, the cleaning itself, and re-disinfection. The chemicals to be used should be strong enough to kill any potential bacterial growth. But just the same, it should also be safe enough for people who might be affected nearby. The cleaning process does not only pertain to the dry areas but also tend to the wet surfaces that can be found in the cooling tower. Eventually, another re-disinfection would be done as deemed fit pertaining to the cooling tower’s current condition.

To prevent any unwanted bacteria as well as the malfunctioning of the tower, cooling tower cleaning is prescribed to be done at least every six months. Not only do you get to protect yourself, your people, or your family members but you also save on costs in the long run. A cooling tower that’s kept clean would have lesser chances of becoming defunct or even malfunctioning during critical working schedules.

Because the entire cleaning process can be tedious, you need to get skilled experts to get the job rightfully done. 911 Air Duct Cleaning Services would be happy to assist you with your cooling tower, using its latest tools and strategies to make cleaning a breeze. We are also equipped with trained professionals who have been seasoned in this line of business. So you can be sure that quality and efficiency will be our guarantee.