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There are many reasons why you should never attempt to clean your own air ducts at home. One of the most important reasons is that you don’t have the proper equipment to fully clean your air ducts. Although you can dust your ducts, you may not be able to reach certain corners or areas inside that a professional would be able to clean. Air ducts can present several safety issues that include falling from ladders, touching electrical cables inside, or coming in touch with dangerous toxins, such a mold or asbestos. 

Air duct cleaning is a very physical task, and it requires the knowledge of an experienced professional. A regular vacuum hose just won’t cut it here. Your air ducts require industrial vacuums with heavy duty hoses that are capable of digesting all the harmful pollutants inside your air ducts and vents. These hoses can fully extend around your house, as they are attached to powerful trucks.

Cleaning your air ducts requires that you get dirty, which may be a serious problem for people with respiratory issues. The dust and dirt contained inside your air ducts can present enough health problems as it is, but it can be very troublesome for people with asthma or bronchial spasms. If they come in contact with the dirt and dust, they can have very serious consequences to their health.

A regular cleaning mask will not be enough to combat the serious threat of mold, mildew or asbestos. A professional air duct cleaning technician will have the right safety gear and equipment to handle any type of situation. Another problem to consider with air duct cleaning is the potential of finding vermin, like rats. As disgusting as they are, they also possess a ton of health risks. A trained professional will know exactly how to spot the signs if there are any vermin present inside your air ducts, which could be causing all your grief.

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