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Dust inspection is something that you need to accomplish on a regular basis. Ducts can give favorable conditions for mold and other bacterial growth because of its dark and cool temperature. A few important tools are needed to accomplish duct inspection. Through this, you can analyze if your duct needs cleaning or there are improvements that should be implemented there.

When duct inspection is being done, you shouldn’t just look at the ducts itself. You should also go all the way to the machine to make sure that it still works properly. The main unit is as important because for all you know, the dirt and debris might already be coming from there. See that the main unit does not have holes and leaks, even some faulty tapes attached on it. Clear ducts are supposed to sound hollow while those who might be filled with things would hardly make a sound when you tap onto it.

Ducts that have bends and corners which must also be inspected. There may be leaks which can identified through damp spots. But it can be quite tricky to remove these connections. Make sure you know which connections should be taken apart or else, you might run the risk of doing more harm to your ducts rather than improve it.

Then again, why should you go to all the hassle of duct inspection yourself? It’s best to leave the work to real experts like 911 Air Duct Cleaning Services. Through the years, we’ve had countless of experience in duct inspection as well as duct cleaning. All you need is tell us of your requirements and we’ll be providing you with a quotation of our services. We also have the most up to date tools to do duct inspection and provide you guidance on how you can take care of those air ducts.