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In most home and office buildings throughout the world today, the air we breathe is normally treated air. In the summer, the air comes through the air conditioning system, and in the winter, the air flows through the heating system. The majority of people only focus on the temperature of the air in their environment and they often neglect to think about the quality of the air that they inhale when they are indoors. If you are concerned about the cleanliness of the air that you breathe every day, be sure to contact us for an annual air duct maintenance and repair visit every year.

Even minor defects in a building’s air flow components, such as holes, cracks, and other failings, can allow unwanted dust allergens and other potentially dangerous chemicals to enter a building’s air ducts and ventilation systems. The polluted air is then circulated throughout your house or office building.

 911 Remediation Palo Alto offers air duct cleaning and repair services that are carried out by experienced professionals and that are both high-quality and heavy-duty. The typical maintenance and repairs are able to eliminate various poisons from duct-work systems, in addition to eliminating routine dust and mold.

Our teams of expert technicians are experienced, well-trained and work very proficiently.  Our air duct maintenance and repair efforts result in the purging of unwanted dust allergens and harmful chemicals. In addition, there is usually a savings in energy costs as well, since the air flow systems are able to operate more efficiently.

 The air duct cleaning services offered by 911 Remediation Rancho Cordova  include vent cleaning, primary heater cleaning, chimney cleaning, air conditioning cleaning, heating and cooling systems cleansing, kitchen exhaust cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, and laundry exhaust cleaning. 911 Remediation Palo Alto is fully licensed, insured, and bonded and is also an Insurance Approved Vendor.

All of our technicians at 911 Remediation Palo Alto come with the most modern testing and repair equipment, tools, and techniques and are trained in their use. Since they are equipped with the latest tools and training, our technicians are able to reliably and economically repair and maintain the widest variety of air duct issues.


Air Duct Cleaning Services – Palo Alto, CA

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