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Air duct cleaning is a big concern especially among families in San Jose who have kids at home. Through 911 San Jose Air Duct Cleaning Services (408) 351-3949, you can finally solve this problem in a few easy clicks. Our San Jose office would be more than happy to give you the services that you want to have. Just browse through our website for you to know the specific offers that we provide and how you can best reach us as well.

So what is it about 911 Air Duct Cleaning Services (408) 351-3949 that set us apart from the others? For one, we have trained professionals working on your HVAC and air-conditioners. We are also experts in checking various cooling systems in your home, even those diffusers and heat exchangers that may have potentially dangerous implications for the whole family if they are left unchecked. We don’t simply come into your San Jose home to clean those air ducts but we also do some check-ups to make sure that your equipment is still working well. This way you can be notified immediately if major changes are needed to occur.

911 Restoration Air Duct cleaning services include:

  • Vent cleaning
  • Funace repair
  • Heater repair
  • Center heater cleaning
  • Heating and cooling systems cleanup
  • Heating and air conditioning cleaning
  • Chimney cleaning
  • Kitchen exhaust cleaning
  • Dryer vent cleaning
  • Laundry Exhaust Systems cleaning
  • Cooling Tower Cleaning


The Air Duct Cleaning services given by 911 Restoration for properties and corporations relies upon on the most up-to-date clean-up systems such as our definitely fitted vans and humidity diagnosis systems. This outstanding technology is designed to analyse and record psychometric conditions inside and outside the air ducts. This expands to the sweat components contained in heating and cooling systems to assist and to make that they get as good as new again. 911 Restoration has services providers throughout the San Jose places. Always maintain our phone number (408) 351-3949 handy for any critical instance.

Our San Jose services is also composed of a diversified portfolio that includes:  air duct cleaning, vent cleaning, furnace repair and cleaning, heating and cooling systems repair and cleaning, HVAC cleaning, duct inspection, air filters inspection and installation, cooling tower cleaning, chimney cleaning, and laundry exhaust systems cleaning. We are duly licensed to operate such services in San Jose and we also have insurance for protection and safety.

When it comes to air-duct cleaning services, get only San Jose’s best and trust your equipment into the hands of 911 Air Duct Cleaning services. We offer you real value for money by giving you affordable yet high quality professionals to get the job done.

Call us now (408) 351-3949 to avail of our promos and to get a quote ASAP.