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Our services take place in San Rafael areas on a 24-hour base, all through the week. Through swift reply and quick action, years of expertise and a highly efficient staff members; 911 Restoration (415) 373-1133 is centered on supporting its clients improving their atmosphere inside a cleaner and a lot healthier ways.

Vent Cleaning & Air Duct Cleaning

The Air Duct Cleaning tools as used by 911 Restoration is high performanced, for the special cleaning gear that are created to physically prevail over mold, dirt and dust, such as many types of contaminants from duct-work systems of residential and business properties in San Rafael region.

911 Restoration Air Duct cleaning remedies include:

  • Vent cleaning
  • Central heater cleaning
  • Heating and cooling systems cleanup
  • Air conditioning cleaning
  • Chimney cleaning
  • Kitchen exhaust cleaning
  • Dryer vent cleaning
  • Washing laundry Exhaust Systems cleaning
  • Cooling Tower Cleaning


Air Duct Maintenance & Repair

We are constantly breathing treated air. Whether via a heating system in the wintertime or an air cooling system in the summer, air conditioning happens to be main stream throughout the world. While many of us are worried with how cold or hot the air is, we frequently ignore the quality of the air we breathe, principally indoors. That’s why it’s crucial for do once-a-year air duct maintenance and repair.
Annual air duct maintenance and repair is a lot more significant than many assume. By looking at the interior of the air ducts and repairing any fixed or broken parts, not only does it help reduce your entire energy costs (in the end, a newer system functions greater than an older one), however it makes sure that the air you are breathing is being carried in a protected and healthy method. Holes and other defects in the system enable unwanted dust contaminants and other chemicals to get into the system which then pumps this polluted air throughout your home or office. Yearly air duct repair and maintenance is ideal for your wellbeing!
Even if you find no need for air duct repair, duct cleaning and additional air duct cleaning are extremely crucial. Dryer vent clean-up and cooling tower cleanup ensure (yet again) that the air we are breathing is properly regulated and that all unwanted contaminants are properly eliminated. On top of that, a proper air duct cleaning, dry vent cleanup and cooling tower cleaning guarantee that all the systems operate effectively, which (once again) saves you cash on your power bill. Each and every year Americans lose a lot of money to energy costs that could be greatly reduced if their air ducts were cleaned by professionals.


The Air Duct Cleaning services available by 911 Restoration for dwellings and organizations relies upon on the most recent clean-up techniques along with our certainly set up vehicles and dampness diagnosis equipment. This extraordinary technology is utilized to assess and report psychometric conditions inside and outside the air ducts. This extends to the dampness components contained in heating and cooling systems to aid to make that they grow to be like new again.

911 Restoration has resolutions suppliers all through the San Rafael zones. Always maintain our phone number (415) 373-1133 handy for any emergency circumstance.