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Our services take place in Sunnyvale locations on a 24-hour schedule, throughout the week. Through immediate reply and quick action, years of expertise and a highly efficient workforce members; 911 Restoration (650) 285-3776 is meant for assisting its customers bettering their atmosphere inside a cleaner and much healthier manner.

Vent Cleaning & Air Duct Cleaning

The Air Duct Cleaning equipment as used by 911 Restoration is high performanced, for the special clean-up equipment which are created to actually overcome mold, soil and dust, among them many varieties of poisons from duct-work systems of residential and business properties in Sunnyvale area.

911 Restoration Air Duct cleaning services include:

  • Vent cleaning
  • Center heater cleaning
  • Heating and cooling systems cleaning up
  • Heating and air conditioning cleaning
  • Chimney cleaning
  • Kitchen exhaust cleaning
  • Dryer vent cleaning
  • Laundry Exhaust Systems cleaning
  • Cooling Tower Cleaning


Air Duct Maintenance & Repair

We have been constantly breathing treated air. Whether via a heating system in the winter or an air cooling system in the summer, air conditioning has become main stream worldwide. While almost everyone are worried with how hot or cold the air is, we quite often forget about the quality of the air we breathe, principally indoors. That’s why it’s crucial for do yearly air duct maintenance and repair.
Annual air duct maintenance and repair is more critical than many suppose. By examining the interior of the air ducts and repairing any fixed or broken parts, it doesn’t only help to lower your overall energy costs (in the end, a more recent system operates greater than an older one), yet it makes certain that the air you are breathing is being transported in a safe and healthy method. Holes as well as other defects in the system enable unwanted dust particles and other chemicals to reach the system which then pumps this contaminated air all through your home or workplace. Annual air duct repair and maintenance is ideal for your wellbeing!
Even if you find no requirement for air duct repair, duct cleaning and other air duct cleaning are really important. Dryer vent cleanup and cooling tower cleanup guarantee (yet again) that the air we are breathing is properly regulated and that all unwanted contaminants are properly eliminated. Moreover, a proper air duct cleaning, dry vent cleanup and cooling tower cleaning guarantee that all of the systems operate effectively, which (once again) saves you funds on your power bill. Annually Americans lose thousands of dollars to energy costs that could be greatly reduced if their air ducts were cleaned professionally.

The Air Duct Cleaning solutions supplied by 911 Restoration for homes and firms relies upon on the current clean-up technological innovations which includes our completely outfitted automobiles and wateriness diagnosis equipment. This special technology is useful to examine and record psychometric conditions inside of and outside the air ducts. This expands to the wetness components contained in heating and cooling systems to aid to make that they end up being like new again.

911 Restoration has cures suppliers all through the Sunnyvale cities. Always maintain our phone number (650) 285-3776 handy for any emergency situation occurrence.