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It is absolutely imperative that you clean your air ducts and vents of a regular basis, in order to maintain a safe and clean home. Cleaning your vents is a task that nobody really wants, but it’s very important to do. Vents attract a large variety of household debris, such as dust, animal dander if you have pets, and other harmful chemicals. By regularly cleaning your vents and air ducts, you ensure that your home is dust-free and safe to breathe. Long exposure to dirty vents can lead to a multitude of health problems that stem from allergies to cancer. You can clean your vents and air ducts by yourself, although it’s always best to hire a professional to completely clean your vents and air ducts. Here are a few helpful tips on how you can clean your own vents and air ducts:

  • Dust Your Vents – You may have an occasional sneeze here, but it’s certainly worth the long term benefits! You’re going to need a broom and regular duster for this. If your vent is on the ceiling, you may have to sweep the floor directly underneath it when you are finished. You may also wipe your grates with a damp cloth.
  • Unscrew Your Vent Covers – Be extra careful here not to get shocked or burned by an electrical wire or anything else hidden from plain sight that can be inside the vents. Proceed with caution, and carefully remove the vent covers with a standard screwdriver.
  • Vacuum Your Air Ducts – You can do this with a standard dust brush. You may also want to consider taping the attachments to your vacuum hose to prevent possibly losing them in your air ducts.
  • Screw the Vent Covers Back On – Make sure you carefully put the screws in tight. You may also want to vacuum the area surrounding your vents, since dust might have had the chance to escape.
  • Change Your Air Filters in the FurnaceThis keeps allergens and dust away from the source. If you use vent filters, change or clean these once every 2 months. These are available to put directly behind or over your vent.

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You can do a lot by yourself, but a professional has the experience to track dust and clean areas that would be difficult to clean by yourself. At 911 Remediation, we specialize in vent cleaning, air duct cleaning, furnace cleaning, and we stay on call 24 hours a day. There is nothing more important than breathing in clean air, and it all starts with a proper HVAC cleaning. We provide you with the safest solutions, at the most affordable rates. Get in touch with us today, and let us come to your rescue!