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Vent cleaning should be done as regularly as possible. With the help of 911 Air Duct Cleaners, you can accomplish this in no time at all. So how does vent cleaning typically work? The cleaners will start by dusting your vents to make sure that any excess dirt is removed. Damp cloth may also be used to wipe on the grates so that the dust would not end up circulating around the home. If you have spent months or years ignoring your vents, a lot of debris, allergens, and even mold may have been collected may have been collected. The next step would involve removing your vent covers. Our professional vent cleaners will unscrew them in order to peer into the vent and clean up any growths that have accumulated there. By calling 911 Vent Cleaning services, you can rest assured that you will receive thorough and professional services. You don’t know what you may come in contact with and our experts have years of experience in the remediation field and carry the most effective and safe products. Soon as the vent is opened, the area additionally needs to be vacuumed and a delicately brushed in certain spots. We advise our customer to leave the area or supply them with them with face masks to prevent you from inhaling the unwanted particles. Vacuuming your vents is actually advised to be done on a weekly basis to prevent the accumulation of dust particles. Soon as this is done, the next step would now involve screwing the vent covers on. Should there be chips or any other breaks already present on the vent cover, 911 Air Duct Cleaners would advise you to get a replacement and even offer a referral where such replacements can be purchased.