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The Importance of Cleaning Your Wall Heater

People who suffer from asthma and allergies are the greatest risk. Ideally, you should clean out your furnace at least once per year. You must thoroughly clean your wall heater to prevent such problems from occurring. Dirty air filters need to be replaced immediately to prevent any onset allergies or respiratory problems. You’ll need a damp rag, a bucket of water, and a cleaning brush to effectively remove the dust and debris lodged inside the wall heater. It’s highly recommended that you contact a professional air duct cleaning specialist to safely clean inside the wall heater. Professional technicians can check for mold and mildew that could be hidden in certain corners of the wall heater. They will also know how to safely remove it from your house.

Before attempting to clean the wall heater, you must make sure that the electricity or gas supply is shut off. You’ll need to unscrew the panel to begin the cleaning process. You can use any Philips model screwdriver to carefully unscrew the panel. Make sure you put the tiny screws on a separate rag or piece of cloth to prevent them from getting lost. At this point, you’ll need to locate the filter, which is a plastic or metal frame used to keep the air clean. Use a dry rag to wipe down the blower. If there are retractable blades, you can wipe them down with a damp piece of cloth. Be very careful not to cut yourself with the blades. Once the filter and blower have been thoroughly cleaned and wiped down, you may then screw the panel back to its original state. Wall heaters must be inspected annually to limit the possibilities of dust accumulation or other harmful debris. Let a pro conduct an air quality test to make sure you’re breathing clean and safe air.

911 Remediation Professional Air Duct Cleaning Specialists

911 Remediation certified technicians thoroughly clean wall heaters and air ducts to ensure the quality of air you breathe is 100% safe. Our team of highly qualified specialists are on call 24/7 and cover all parts of San Francisco. We’ll inspect your wall heater for mold and mildew, and destroy them before they ever get the chance to spread. Get in touch with us today, and let the pros safely clean up the dust!